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Our Full-Service Real Estate Services

The team at Kara & Associates is dedicated to helping you acquire property according to your needs. We offer a full-service program to assist you and develop a customized plan to determine your real estate goals.

Your customized plan is tailored to your specific situation and may include:

• Buyer Counseling Services

• Buyer Agency Options

• Financial Pre-Qualification

• Brokerage Team Search

• Property Tours

• Appraisal Contingencies

• Property Inspections

• Negotiation Strategies

• After-Sale Services

• Investment Planning

• Mortgage Services

• Insurance Plans

And much more!

How the Team at Kara & Associates Works

We meet with each of our clients to discover what type of property they are looking for. We’ll provide you with same-day options to match your needs and can be available to show them to you immediately if needed.

After viewing properties, we provide you with feature sheets so that you can rank them from best to worst. This allows you to narrow down your options and choose a home of your dreams that also works within your budget.

Select the home you’re looking for, and we’ll help you start the purchasing process. We’ll work with you to determine the fair value of the home and then will expertly negotiate the best possible price and move-in timeline.

Our team of professionals is then available to help you wrap up the process. We can connect you with home inspectors, mortgage brokers, home insurance brokers, and moving companies.

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